Domino/I Won´t Apologize
De: Jesie J/Selena Gomez
Interpretada por: Chicas de New Directions
Solos: Susan, Ally, Celeste y Bella
Lugar: TBA
Episodio: I Want It All

Domino/I Won´t Apologize, en español Domino/Yo No Me Disculpare, es una cancion presentada en el capitulo I Want It All. La cancion pertenece a las cantantes Jesie J/Selena Gomez. Es interpretada por Chicas de New Directions con solos de Susan , Ally , Celeste y Bella .

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Letra de la Cancion:Editar

I'm feeling sexy and free
Like glitter's raining on me
You're like a shot of pure gold
I think I'm 'bout to explode

It's all said and all done.
I gave it all for the long run.
Can she say the same thing?
I guess this is good bye and good luck.
(i can't be what you want me to be).

Pull me like a bass drum
Sparking up a rhythm
Baby, come on

Rock my world into the sunlight (I'm sorry for changing)
Make this dream the best I've ever known (I'm sorry it had to be this way)
Dirty dancing in the moonlight (Believe me it's easier just to pretend)
Take me down like I'm a domino (But i won't apologize for who i am)

Remember the time when you said you were out with your best friend.
But it wasn't the best friend that you know i thought you meant and
I used to assented i didn't know i could be free.
But i am and i won't go back 'cause you so don't deserve me.
(i don't even wanna be her.)

I thank you for this hopeless war (Every second is a highlight)
Cause through the pain now I'm stronger now than before.(When we touch don't ever let me go)
Now I'm more. (You got me losing my mind)
I don't need you anymore. (My heart beats out of time)
I'm sorry.
(listen close i won't say this again.)

I'm sorry for changing. (I'm a domino)
I'm sorry it isn't like it was. (Take me down)
Believe me it's easier just to pretend. (In the moonlight)
But i won't apologize (Make this dream the best)
Why should i apologize? (I've ever know)
No i won't apologize for who i am.
I'm a domino

Mash-up Creado Por: Cristobal Contreras.

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Jessie J - Domino03:55

Jessie J - Domino

Selena Gomez - I Won't Apologize03:07

Selena Gomez - I Won't Apologize

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